Rain whispers suddenly
when you least expect it,
moving on impartially
– everybody’s friend.

I’ll take it all in step,
let it strike my skin
and listen to its hushed hiss

as it muddies the miles
between us, commingling
distance and longing.

The odd, anonymous raindrop
absconds from the crowd,
to implode in disconsolate solo.

I’ll get used to missing you.

Cloud burst R Dordi illustration
“Deserters” by R Dordi, Equinox



Published by:

rain poet

Katerina Neocleous has been published or is forthcoming in the following poetry journals: Haiku Quarterly, Orbis, Equinox, Obsessed With Pipework, Weyfarers, The Cannon's Mouth, Clear Poetry, The Dawntreader, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Open Mouse, Shot Glass Journal. She is a Home Educator and settled in North West England.

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