Doubtless you’ve been listening to those
that flatter you with their witchery,
petitioning and warning you about me –
Peddlers of malice jealousy and gossip
with their own designs of dominance,
or possession over you.
 I have no need of sweetheart pincushions
or waxy effigies made in your likeness,
and there are no phials of powdered
bird bones cached beneath my bed;
although I have commanded lovers
through my longing, many years ago
Setting my sights on them,
as simple a matter as
milking a flowering
Lily’s aching anther.
I have no further need
to crook my finger
To incite or satisfy desire.
Know this too: You did not
leave me – I released you;
and I will not acknowledge you
unless you come to me,
an equal and free.
Published in OWP issue  74, May 2016

3 thoughts on “Apocrypha”

    1. Yes, and for me they also retain a kind of otherness, as though another person passed through the psyche’s mirror and irrevocably altered something you can’t quite place.. Thanks, Katerina


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