Reblog of OWP post – If you want to see a grown man cry, give him this book:

My spoony poem and many other wonderful poems in this special edition of Obsessed With Pipework, the journal for strange and charming poetry.

Obsessed with Pipework

all these people telling their own stories through the poems . . . even though some of them may be made up (I should say: imagined), they managed by page 19 to move this blasé old editor to tears – and I had seen them all before!

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rain poet

Katerina Neocleous has been published or is forthcoming in the following poetry journals: Haiku Quarterly, Orbis, Equinox, Obsessed With Pipework, Weyfarers, The Cannon's Mouth, Clear Poetry, The Dawntreader, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Open Mouse, Shot Glass Journal. She is a Home Educator and settled in North West England.

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